Ancient Celtic Proto Money Trading TOKEN Coins VIDEO Guide

Guide to Ancient Coins of Celtic Tribes from France Germany Britain and Europe

Video and Article dealing with Authentic Coins of the Celts and Proto-Money Trading Tokens

Celtic tribes lived in a lot of areas on the fringes of the empires of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Romans and Greeks considered the Celts barbarians. But the fact is that the ancient Celts were the ancestors of the modern German, French, Swiss, Eastern European, British and other European cultures. The Celts paint a unique picture with the style of coins they used. They also used trading tokens or what can also be described as proto-money. What the Celts also did was issue their own coins in the styles of the Greek and Roman peoples of the time for trading purposes. This article with video deals with Celtic coins from their development, a bit about their history with many examples shown in an amazing video presentation. The coins shown and many more are available for sale.

The books that I recommend in the article in regards to learning more about Celtic coinage are Coinage in the Celtic World by Daphne NashGreek Coins and Their Values Volume I and Volume II by David R. Sear, and Ancient Coin Collecting VI Non-Classical Cultures by Wayne G. Sayles.

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See More Here: Ancient Celtic Proto Money Trading TOKEN Coins VIDEO Guide


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